Chalgrove Neighbourhood Plan

The NDP has been submitted!
The Chalgrove NDP was submitted to SODC on 8th January this year; the publication period ran from 31 January to 14 March.  During this time Chalgrove Parish Council selected an independent examiner to review the plan.  We have received the initial comments from the examiner and have provided our response.  Both of these documents can be found on the Chalgrove Parish Council website, NDP page.  We will advise you once the examiner's report has been received, at this stage it has not been decided whether to hold an examination in public.

Once received the examiner's report is considered and published and a decision notice issued by SODC, this is followed by a six week legal challenge period.  If the plan is successful at this stage the referendum is then held following a 28 day publicity period.

Taking all of these steps in the process into account the referendum should be held by the end of the year.  We will continue to do everything we can to get the plan to referendum and made as quickly as possible within the constraints of the process

The documents can be viewed below.

1. Chalgrove Neighbourhood Development Plan
2. Basic Conditions Statement
3. Environment Report
4. Character Assessment
5. Consultation Statement
6. Consultation Statement (appendix A)
7. Consultation Statement (appendix B)
8. Consultation Statement (appendix C)
9. Consultation Statement (appendix D)
10. Consultation Statement (appendix E)
11. Consultation Report (appendix F)
Additional Documents:
12. Edenvale Young Chalgrove Flood Report November 2016
13. Chalgrove Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2014
14. Site Assessment
15. Community Questionnaire
16. Community Questionnaire Appendix
Pre-Submission Documents
17. Chalgrove Pre-Submission NDP
18. Chalgrove Environmental Report
19. Scoping Report
20. Character Assessment
Examiner Documents
21. Initial Comments
22. Parish Council Response

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led project for guiding the future development and regeneration of an area. The plan can specify how new development should be designed, orientated and located, as well as including social, economic and environmental issues.

Where a town or parish council exists the plan must be led by this local government group, in our case the Parish Council will take the lead in pushing the Plan forward.

A Neighbourhood Plan will have to conform to the strategic policies of the local development plan.  In this case, this would be the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy

Once our proposals generally conform to the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy, it will be subject to an Examination by an independent examiner.  If this is successful the document will go to local referendum and as long as it receives approval from 50 per cent or more of those that vote, SODC will adopt the document into the Local Development Framework.