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Ken Batley MBE JP
In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Chalgrove Parish Council wish to sponsor the Ken Batley Poetry Prize for the under 18s.
This combines Ken’s love of words with his support and encouragement for the youth of the village.
We will also be hosting a party in the Summer, when groups and individuals will be invited to talk about Ken and just what he meant to the village. Final details of both will be notified later.

Councillor Vacancy
Chalgrove Parish Council has received permission to fill a vacancy by co-option.
Any elector who would like to be considered for the position as Parish Councillor should write to the Clerk including a brief CV, giving their experience, reasons for wanting to be considered and any interests that they think will contribute to the work of the Parish Council and benefit the community. There is a display in the Village Hall entrance foyer detailing what it takes to be a Parish Councillor.
Deadline for applications – Friday 29th June 2018

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Friday 4th May in the Village Hall.
It is customary for the clerk, Jo Murphy, to relate what the Parish Council has done in the previous year. The chairman, Cllr Ann Pritchard then gave an account of work planned for the year ahead.
Cllr Tony Ace reported on the continuing maintenance of the recreation ground and all surrounding areas and equipment, including the play areas.
Cllr David Turner, our District Councillor gave his annual report on SODC.
This year, the reports were followed by an interesting talk by Anna Harries telling of the working and success of First Steps Hub, formerly the Children’s Centre.
Judith Bennett reported on the continuing success of Chalgrove Primary School, now an academy, linked up with other schools. She also mentioned that due to its good reputation, they had had no problem in recruiting a splendid new head mistress and more staff, from the many applicants.
A report from the Chalgrove Charities was read, with mention that several grants had been given throughout the year.
Before the Crookston Shield was presented, the Chairman wished to give special thanks to Cllr David Turner, for all the work he has done as our District Councillor.
The Crookston Shield was awarded to SHIELD, who had worked tirelessly in an effort to get Chalgrove Airfield removed as the strategic site in SODC’s new Local Plan. Full report of all nominees in following report.
Cllr Angie Ziemelis gave a presentation on ViKToR. This is the council’s project to update the village hall kitchen, toilets, floor and roof.
There then followed questions from the floor. These covered many subjects and there were productive two way conversations. If you wish to understand what the Parish Council does, or ask questions, this is the ideal format, so we hope to see more of you next year.

The Crookston Shield is awarded annually in memory of David Crookston, who was a member of the Royal British Legion in Chalgrove. Members of the public had been invited to nominate a club or group of people who, in the past year, had done something special to benefit the people of Chalgrove.
Chalgrove Parish Council are thrilled to announce that the winners of the  Crookston Shield 2018 are SHIELD (Chalgrove Airfield Action Group) who have worked tirelessly to assist the residents of Chalgrove in responding to the SODC Local Plan, which includes proposed development on the Airfield. The team of volunteers were awarded the Crookston Shield, along with a cheque for £50, at the Annual Parish Meeting. Thank you all for your support, advice, and hard work.

Chalgrove Parish Council received an overwhelming response to the request for this year's Crookston Shield nominations. Yet again, the range of nominations has highlighted the tireless efforts of groups and individuals and their enormous contribution in making Chalgrove such a wonderful place to live. As such, we would like to highlight the other nominees.
Chalgrove 10K Committee for the organisation of the hugely successful yearly race on May Day which brings people from far and wide.
Chalgrove Junior Netball Team Managers, Mark Wasmuth and Trevor Croxford, for their commitment to the game, and the support that they give to the team members who are going from strength to strength.
Chalgrove NDP Committee for their dedication in creating the NDP over the past 3 years, despite several set backs.
Chalgrove Youth Club Volunteers who assist in the running of the Youth Club which is open 4 nights per week. Their commitment to our young people is truly admired.
First Steps Family Hub who have continued to support local families by raising money to keep the vital facility open.
Friends of Chalgrove School for their fundraising efforts which have provided the School with exceptional new playground equipment.
LINK for the publication of a free monthly magazine, delivered to each and every household.
Sue & Ray Sexton, Red Lion PH for their many fundraising events.

It would appear that whilst rushing through our busy lives, we sometimes don't take the time to consider the implications of our actions on those around us. The parish council has received lots of feedback from unhappy residents about parking within the village.
Perhaps you have parked legally, but have you also parked considerately?
Have you left your vehicle immediately opposite another car, which makes the road too narrow and causes special problems to buses, fire engines and refuse carts?
Have you created a chicane, forcing other road users to wind in and out of the traffic and putting the vehicles at risk of bumps and knocks?
Perhaps you've parked by a normal piece of curb, but failed to notice that immediately opposite is someone's driveway and by parking there you have made it difficult for them to leave their own home.
Have you parked too close to the junction? Or on top of the grass verges? All of these reduce the visibility for other road users and could lead to an accident. Whilst it is not illegal to park on the pavements, it is illegal to cause an obstruction to those who need it.
Please park considerately.


Chalgrove Parish Council and Cleaner Chalgrove have noticed a considerable increase in the amount of dog mess left on our footpaths and recreation grounds. Some dog owners have also allowed their dogs to defecate on people's front lawns and driveways.
We all know that such lack of responsibility incurs a fine, and we urge all responsible owners to report those who do not clear up after their dogs.
Call 101 with a clear description of the owner and animal, and report to the Parish Council office if the offence took place on the recreation ground so that CCTV can be checked and details passed to Thames Valley Police.
There is no excuse! Let's keep Chalgrove clean!