The Chalgrove Village Plan was launched in May 2007 and completed by the distribution of the report in June 2010.  Download a copy of the Chalgrove Village Plan here.  The Village Plan Steering Committee was formed from a number of volunteer residents of the village, funding was raised from Oxfordshire Rural Community Council (ORCC) of who also provided the team with valuable templates of methodologies to help prepare them for the vast task ahead.

As Chalgrove is a large village it became apparent that further funding was required, a grant was provided by Chalgrove Parish Council and a donation towards the Youth Project was received from the Duke of Marlborough. 

The aim of the Village Plan was to consult the village of their needs, wishes and thoughts for the future over the next ten to fifteen years and this was achieved by consulting with residents by means of ‘drop-in’ workshops, presentations and consultation workshops to over 50 organisations and groups within in the village, and a separate youth project to enable consultation with the youth of Chalgrove.

From the initial consultation a questionnaire was created of 81 questionnaires and was delivered to each of the 1,130 houses in the parish.  730 questionnaire forms were completed and collected largely due to the forty volunteers who assisted the Steering Committee members in the task.

In addition the Youth Project team was formed, who included volunteers outside the Steering Committee, Youth workers and the local Police Community Support Officer took part in youth activities and workshops, resulting in the Youth Consultation Fun Day.  The Youth Consultation Fun Day enabled the views of youths to be collected followed by a programme of fun activities on the recreation ground for those who had taken part.  The output from this day was analysed and merged with the information from the other consultation processes.

A team of six volunteers from the Village Plan Steering Committee worked on analysis phase and this important task took over 10 months to complete.  We developed our own process in order to ensure that all information was incorporated and feedback provided.  The analysis identified new projects; they are a range of interesting and exciting projects all with a common goal of delivering the vision for Chalgrove.  Not all of the results demand a project but will require action so an overall Action List was produced to incorporate actions and defined projects.  The Action List contains the following categories:

Green Chalgrove                                        Cleaner Chalgrove

Educating Chalgrove                                 Developing Chalgrove

Historical Chalgrove                                 Chalgrove on the Move

Chalgrove Communicating                       Religious Chalgrove

Safer Chalgrove                                         Younger Chalgrove

Servicing Chalgrove                                  Chalgrove at Play  

Enabling Chalgrove

The concept of projects can work!  In late 2009 the Village Plan Steering Committee contacted volunteers, who completed the volunteer form at the back of the questionnaire, to help with two initiatives in the village.  To find additional support for Club Java and Café Java to keep both clubs available to the youth of Chalgrove, and to support a daffodil planting campaign, this resulted in 3,000 bulbs around the village.  Evidence from the responses showed that the village wanted a Christmas tree so the Village Plan Steering Committee set out to make this happen.  With generous donations from local business and village organisations a large tree with hundreds of lights was erected for the Christmas of 2009 and over 200 enthusiastic residents attended the turning on the lights event.  These activities truly demonstrate what can be achieved for the community when we have a vision and work together to make it happen.


In April 2010 the Village Plan Steering Committee hosted the final consultation feedback meetings and the launch of the plan in the village hall and were well attended and many residents who signed up for projects at the end of the presentation.


You can review the progress of the action list that are being set up to achieve the residents vision on the following Oxfordshire Community Led Plans download just enter ‘Chalgrove’.


The Village Plan Steering Committee would like to thank the residents of Chalgrove who have demonstrated such interest and support, all sponsors both within and outside our village, and to Chalgrove Parish Council, South Oxfordshire District Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, and Duke of Marlborough (Youth Sponsorship Award).